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January 2018

'Working' - 374km - 1872m

So, for the whole month of December I procrastinated, and let my anxiety over starting something new delay my commencement  with Deliveroo.

Having had my induction on the first weekend of Dec it took me until the 1st of Jan, and some New Year New Me bullshit in order to take on my first shift.

Originally considered as a plug for when I have gaps in my freelance income, riding for Deliveroo has also become a great reason to just get out and ride, fulfilling my annual declaration of ‘this year I’m gonna ride at least 200km a week!’' (Which historically ends by the third week).

Just to be clear, this post has absolutely no affiliation with Deliveroo, but… I bloody love it.

I’m literally getting paid to cycle, which I love doing anyway. It may be around town, but York is far from unpleasant and as all my shifts start around 5-6pm and run until 10-11pm it doesn’t take long for the traffic and pedestrians to clear.

I’ve been thinking of my deliveries as ‘£/km’: for every kilometre ridden, I’ll earn X amount, which encourages longer shifts, more frequent shifts, more time in the saddle - more so than I would be riding otherwise.

Aside from the money, I’m also getting healthier; burning calories, by proxy of not being out in the evenings I’m not drinking or eating out anywhere near as much. Having not ridden for all but the last week of December, maintaining an awful diet, and drinking throughout, after my first week with Deliveroo I dropped nearly half a stone.

Flexibility and self management are the primary benefits, but being a Deliveroo rider also affords my inner geek some data to play with…

The numbers for the first seven days:

Total Distance: 374.30km*

Total Calories Burnt: 5424*

Hours Worked: 33.5

Deliveries Made: 110

Each night I averaged 775 calories burnt, making 3.25 deliveries an hour with an average delivery distance of 3.47km. Financially the week averaged £1.30 per kilometre ridden and £14.49 per hour worked. Hourly wage peaked at £17.60/h on the Sunday and I acquired £25 in online tips (some cash too) over the seven days.

*Data from Strava, rides recorded on a Garmin Edge 800.

Anyone thinking about joining… Do it. If nothing more it’s a way to gain some cash if you’re bored. I honestly cannot find a downside to it.

My first shift was nervy, but once a couple of orders have gone through, the app is easy to use and intuitive. Knowing where all the restaurants are without the initial ‘I’ve seen that but can’t remember where’ thought is a relief.

I’m already noticing patterns of where certain restaurants deliver where, and within York at least, there are very specific areas which use Deliveroo.

Don’t buy their suggested jacket. Although super reflective it doesn’t breathe and is far from waterproof, some options reviewed byRoadCyclingUK here. The box you’re kinda stuck with, the Uber one is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but is too small for some of Deliveroo’s pizza roster.

Any questions? Pop them on the instagram post here: @Kluens.

I’ll follow this post up with another on one month of riding.

Finally, here’s my referral code: “” 🙌

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