Get Wild Moors Tour

2 Days - 75km - 1382m

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15th February 2018: Mat, aka Get Wild Matty, hosted an evening of adventure talks at The Attic in York. Inspirational tales from 'everyday adventurers' followed by a #s240 (sub-24-hour-overnight)  trip into the North Yorkshire Moors.

Talks on the night were varied and entertaining, covering anecdotal experiences from a variety of points of view; bicycle travel, alternative ways of living, and where not to get robbed in South America....


Danny Yates will discuss his and partner Jessy's recent cycle tour around South America over the period of 18 months. With tales covering living in a tent to toothache.

Vincent Van Life

Seb and Rose recently downsized from their two bedroom house in York to live full time in Vincent, their beloved van.

Athena Mellor

Athena has a keen sense of adventure having cycle toured in New Zealand and America. You'll find her exploring various parts of the UK and helping others to through her fantastic website Ramble Guides.

Matty Waudby

Matty will talk about his adventures on the Murray River in Australia. He built a canoe on a whim and paddled for two and a half months with his BMX in tow.

Headwind Haters

A short film by Chris McClean about a surf/cycle trip in the Outer Hebrides, will also be screened on the evening."

Convening at Mat's house slightly later than expected on Friday morning (did someone say Port?!) bikes were stripped, forced into various vehicles and convoyed via Aldi (might have been Lidl) to Kirkbymoorside.

A brief jaunt along the road towards Helmsley took us to the start of our gravel route for the day, proceeding due North through forest tracks, service trails and bridleways until reaching the North West border of the National Park at Kildale.

We were to spend the night in virtual bikepacking luxury, at Kildale Park Farm. Opting to use their 'camping barn' which sheltered us from the dwindling temperatures and indulged us with cooking facilities, a log burner and delectable seating. 

Having jettisoned my hip flask somewhere on route I played on the charity of others, got a little imbibed, cooked a banquet of hot dog sausages and pasta in honour of Danny* and slept like a baby.

Day two started as a bit of a bastard. Firstly I ruined my porridge, too much water, not enough patience. Cliff Bars are not an adequate breakfast substitute. 

Secondly, to return to the Moors we were routed up Ingleby Incline a relic from the days of the Rosedale Railway. A Rapha style sufferfest ensued and valiant efforts saw Elliot and Graham lead a breakaway.

After several hours (ish) of walking up hill we reached the summit, greeted with minimal visibility and treacherous frozen puddles (with no consistent breaking load they offered continual adrenaline boosts), we coasted along the old railway line with the promise of a pub lunch on the horizon.

Blakey junction was swiftly upon us and a ridiculous decision was made by three of us to take the shorter 'cross country' route. A half mile hike through boggy, snow covered heather cleaned the day's sediment from my shoes and we were, of course, beaten to the always incredible Lion Inn.

Stuffed stomachs increased our velocity as we coasted the road descent back to Kirkbymoorside, packed the vans, faffed (some more that others) and headed home.

Riders on the trip were:

Get Wild Matty

Clare Natress


Graham Ashton






The route is on Strava, here.

*Hot dog sausages in pasta were one of the revelatory culinary highlights from Danny's talk.

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